Written by: wamaitha beth

We welcomed you in our lives
When you had nobody by your side
You had reached your end,and only awaited fate
You had nothing to hold to,and all in you was angere
You cursed,made wishes and regreted all

You was one of us then,
We brushed away your past and we gave a smile to you
Joy and happiness was in you again,
You excelled in all you did 
And u became our plight
But little did we know,behind you there's a monster

You took your time well,
Planned your inhumain well
Only to invade when least expected.
You are a beast in human nature
Destroying the innocent lives
And killing the trust of strangers
But why you?

We learnt it hard,not everyone is human
Just because they live among human.
You left a mark dat only time can heal
The screams that she made are so much alive in our ears
And the pain you inflicted on her,
Can only b seen?through her agony and shame
But why ?