Stand or Fall

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

I will stand with mighty pen in hand, the pen like a sharp sword drawn, waiting to pierce calloused shell, inadequate armor of the soulless... a crimson tide washes up on snow white sands, flowing on a blank page as normal melds with the strange, my truth, your truth, many truths in a world of lies. Do not despise what you do not understand. We each have our own voice... Rise, stand with your sword drawn! Even when the cold breath of censorship breathes down your neck, chilling the bone, watching, tainting the well, stand alone! I will stand and fight for my love. I will kiss every word with tender lips. I will caress the lines and spaces, all have found a home, reaching for stars, united, preserved for time - yours and mine. Indifference is a malignancy, insidious and destructive. Our mute voices may one day cry out in vain - too late... Censors be damned! All who slash with red pen, all who write with invisible ink, all who destroy behind the walls of their decency - they are the cowards who choose to condemn. Here and now, take a stand! Next, your words will fall prey to the thief - skulking, stalking, attacking, stealing - in the dead of night, taking all you cherish. May our words live to tell. May we never hide. To stand or fall? Make a choice, decide! Written for the Stand Contest on September 12, 2012