Written by: iolanda Scripca

Sailing on a shell of Cosmos
Away from the desert of my past
Slapped by waves, torridly blinded
My raft cries memories of un-rooted  forests
Evil Cumulus spreads uncertainty
I loose my balance to whispering Demons
I cannot utter words but I can think  like Gods
Fiction becomes reality, my fiction, my reality...
Discovering Immortality in the unconditional
ringing of the bells in my Chapel
... unconditional Love
of my parents,  Dead or Alive!!!
I was born a Circus performer
sliding, trusting the thinnest hope 
hovering the Humanity....
My heartbeat makes the wire shake
The spectators don't seem to care
they watch the clowns 
with cracked make-up along their wrinkles...
All of a sudden  I loose my equilibrium
My fiction becomes reality and...