Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

I suffered a Broken Heart when I lost my LOVE, my WIFE LENORE
I thought I would never heal, never find another LOVE; but I did!
Her name Barbara Jean, a Poetry Queen, the owner of my new Heart

Oh, the tears of joy I wept, the Dreams of LOVING YOU, I Slept
The Memories of Loving YOU I wept, in a World of Sorrow, I slept
Barbara Jean brought me to life, Barbara Jean : Will YOU be my Wife?

Of course not, I’m not worthy to have the chance , to be enhanced
By a POETESS, a Woman ; that I Love, with every beat of my Heart
She took a broken Heart, shattered and Splattered, and tore it apart
 tiny pieces of Heart survived with memories of YOUR Life, YOUR Love

                                         To be cont.

I love YOU ; BARBARA JEAN, with Everything left in my Destroyed Heart