A Season's Celebration In Confetti

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Season’s Celebration In Confetti Crisp wind begins to blow all over town Summer has finally retired and turns over its crown To an autumn season that will paint us a different scenery Of a season’s celebration in confetti Before long the branches will become bare Surrendering themselves towards winter’s first frost of air In the meantime the painted leaves of oranges and yellow Will continue celebrating its arrival from autumn’s winds that blow As the leaves swirl up from branches and head towards the sky They launch another journey towards the land from where they fly The sky is cascaded with colors that are all streaming down Mother Nature’s way of letting us know that autumn is back around I look up at the sky in such beauty and disbelief Mesmerized by the magic of colors of every single leaf While they stream down from the sky and caress my face so softly, A season’s celebration in confetti