On Halloween Night

Written by: craig cornish

The moon behind an angry sky
Lit the daunting nimbus clouds,
And howling wind like deathly screams
Tore through the naked oak tree limbs.
Against the gray and black a flash
Exposed a visage dark and eerie,
Far beyond the old dead tree
Whose limbs like crooked fingers waved.
The thunder rumbled in the dark
Like a crazed and growling dog,
When something moved, then disappeared
Behind the old fence by the barn.
A chill ran through me like a wave,
And petrified I couldn’t move.
As crushing weight hit my chest
I screamed in bloody terror.
Claws punctured my skin as I screamed
And I woke to see a face in fear.
My once sleeping cat, now leapt high
And quickly out the bedroom door
A Halloween night Pumpkin and I
Will remember ever more