Written by: tristen temple

Saying unto them, "No greater love hath a man

Than he lay down his life, for his friends...."

Well, I have tried to lay down my life over time

Beyound any desires of recognition and or fame!?

If only but for a moment betwixt this existence; days

Which so very quickly fade away within this place....

Hopes that I may become but a vessel to perhaps 

Save even one Souls precious light

As I gaze deeply upon these Sonadora's?!

Amid amazement and astonishment sometimes

But I do understand and I do believe the fulfilling 

Of their desires and of their needs; belief....

Innocently, such heart felt dreams which in turn 

Causes me to love them even more; oh this paradox

That I seem to find myself within; for to embrace them

Is all that I long to do but I cannot often find

These different temporal views....

My eyes cast into the forevers gates and beyound

A slave unto eternities realities it seems; chained amid 

The Holy Spirit, immersed inside of me ~

This will of my Lord and Savior, "Jesus Christ!"

He whom delivered my own Soul, from such bondage

Of sin and darkness' encumbering eyes....

Oh that I could please all that I could be all!?

But no time shall build my house upon a rock

The foundation of truth and promises I do grasp

Tightly that no storms may ever arise again

To find my Soul crashing unto the ground this mound 

In distant and lost ruins that may have one day been

So now within this anguish of flesh and blood

Let my heart set aside these wayward dreams

If only but even one Spirit they can be saved....

Within this potters field; shall I adorn this tombstone?!

Before the world and all of 'their' eyes to behold

That I may stand upon the throne of, "God"

Someday aside love's prophets and the saints

Angels smiling as they joyfully weep 

"Well done My child ~ Welcome home...."

For now I lay me down to sleep, that 

Heaven may hold my Soul to keep ~