Written by: olusegun Arowolo

Have you ever seen the ants in action?
soldier ants on rampage?
They have the power to kill and destroy,
Yet,they are powerless and small,
insignificant and weak.

I am a soldier ant,a spoke ant;
and a protector of  my kind;
We work day and night to provide
for our nation,our forest,our land;
yet,the baboons enjoy it all.
They formed alliance with the
lions,tigers and snakes;
The lions rule with strong hands,
and devour the weaklings,
what can we the ants and bees do?

Another part of me is a bee;
we produce honey!,sweetness for all,
but we have little to show for it,
without us-the ants and bees,
there is no democracy or zootocracy,
yet,we are been oppressed,ridiculed
and relegated to the background,

In single unit we are nothing,
but when we move in unison and groups;
we are mightier and sharper than a two-edged sword;
No one dare to come into our midst,
when we move in hundred of thousands or 
millions,not even the Anaconda,
Anything crossing our path is consumed and destroyed,
You will use your own weapon against yourself;
The lion uses its claws and teeth;peacock its beak;
elephant its trumpet and feet;snake its venom,
Carcass they are,carcass they become...

The ground shakes and the earth quakes as
we move,
Go to Libya;visit Egypt and ask of our exploits...
Sound the drum,it is time to move;
We say' No to oppression'
'No to selfishness and  corruption'
'No to poverty and wasteful spending';
"We are soldiers,fighting for our rights with 
one unity... and we shall conquer!"
'Let us match to the capital',
"In one .. unity"
"We shall!"

*Zootocracy--Government of the animals by the animals and for the animals.

Contest:"Metaphorically Speaking" sponsored by Catie Lindsey.