The Anniversary Of 911

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

September is here and we are remembering the worst tragedy that ever struck our Nation, a Nation where we thought - we were safe. What were you doing on that fatal day? I think that what ever any of us was doing we will never forget. Just think about that. It was September 11 of 2001. Everybody was going about their business, when about 8:45 A.M. everything exploded at once. Nobody expected this tregedy to come. I was coming from a doctor's visit. I stopped at my house to fix myself something to eat before I went to work. I turned on the TV. All I could see was fire, smoke and people running everywhere. I first thought it was a movie, when I heard the broadcaster say that they were live in New York City. I called my husband and we both watched how the twin towers came crumbling down. We couldn't believe our eyes of all the horror we saw. All the channels were breaking the news. The terrorists crashed two planes and thousands of our people died. some of the people didn't even know what hit them. It was better like that. It was better that they go to heaven and not to hell instead. Another plane was headed for the Nerve Center of this Country, but never made it there. The passengers in that plane knew, that soon they would meet DEATH. They decided to fight the terrorists and heroes they became, when flight 91 went down. In all the planes, the terrorists died, but to their people - it's no loss. We all know that they died for the cause...
09/11/2012 written by Lucilla M. Carrillo