-This Vast Abundance Of Ours-

Written by: Christopher Stopford

   Think in abundance and abundance will be yours

       The million of stars for you to gaze upon

       The thousands upon thousands of leaves on the trees around

       Oodles and oodles of grains of sand to walk on

   The vast atmosphere of air to breath with

       The million upon millions of litres of water

       Running in the rivers to thirst upon

       The trillions of thoughts coarsing thro' our mind

   The vast spaciousness of the galaxies

       Of infinite unknown dimensions

       To play and romp in fields of flowers and grasses

       To rest your body and eyes upon

   What abundance we have in store

       What monies can be bared and paid at the door

       Of our bounteous gifts bestowed in glory

       And from the Father's love from the start of history

   Pray as if you have already recieved we're told

       Believe that you already have the requested lot

       Then let it not for a moment be forgotten too

       To take the moment and thank and be thankful for

   Be gracious with your bounty in store

       Give freely so that you can freely receive too

       For not one cent can you at the close of the hour

       Take on the journey to be with the Father evermore