'Have Mercy'

Written by: Ieshaw Wright

(GOD Have Mercy)
Technicalities, got our generations 
living drastically, its not rational u 
see, cops being the worst gang-oops 
should i say allegedly, even babies 
killing babies, dads acting shady, 
moms are going crazy, that's just 
not how it's supposed to be, we 
supposed to live righteously, learn 
in the church-then reach those in 
the streets, no longer shall i be 
discrete, ever since His face i 
decided to seek, i feel like it's 
imperative for me, to spread the 
word until they begin to take heed, 
listen to what my pastor preach, 
then meditate n let God use me to 
minister thru poetry, cause our 
children are dying slowly, i feel like i 
owe Jesus Christ richly, to make Him 
known to the ungodly, here me 
somebody, if u can't stand the 
summer how u going live in hell 
remember that's fire that Burns to 
the teeth, don't you want to go up 
yonder live everlasting peace where 
the angels sing, this is a plead to u 
from me, i can't save your soul-but 
my sister's n brother's I Pray on 
your soul GOD Have Mercy!