To My Presidents

Written by: S. A. David

Balewa, the teacher
Azikiwe, the journalist
Ironsi, the general
You held the Niger area in your hands
Just as Darwin predicted

Gowon, Yakubu
Mohammed, Murtala
Obasanjo, Okikiola
You piloted her affairs
Just as John prophesied

Shagari, the teacher
Buhari, the disciplinarian
Babangida, Badamosi
You shaped her future
Just as the zodiac demanded

Shonekan, the luminaire
Abacha, Sani
Abdusalami, Abubakar
You fulfilled destiny
Just as you made the choices

Obasanjo, Okikiola
Umaru, spotless
Jonathan, Goodluck
You sailed Nigeria to the Canaan
Just as the finger of God determined.