Written by: John Castro

the land is filled with an abscess of abhorrent disembodied souls 
and their bleats are heard through parallel dimensions in which they troll 

some stagnant in purgatory some waundering endlessly in search of a vessel to hold 
travelling the bottled neck passages of hades paying the fairyman's toll 

no bouqet of roses no arrangments of flowers
just remnants of cinder and ashes brought by the hours 

realities manifested by the thoughts in our minds 
alternate dimensions are possible with the construct of time 

comprehension is beyond the grasp of average intelligence 
disbelief has become dogmatic relevence

humans have adopted a bravado of ego and pride 
along with the blistering ignorance that coincides 

deceptive and manipulative voices like liquid water that drowns out reason 
a year without light and death has a season 

the balance is infiltrated and ying is greater than yang 
no resonance from speech just slurs from slang 

a twist of the words a serpents tongue 
a hiss is whats heard air from lungs

the breath of life forced out in a whisper 
and truth is manipulated by the tongue of the twisted 

before you open your eyes open your mind 
if you truly seek the truth than it is the truth you shall find