Libras Rule

Written by: Devondra Banks

What's my favorite color?
Of course I can answer that!
I adore the color purple,
But as a matter of fact,
Red and blue are the reason
Pretty purple even exists.
So, let's be fair and acknowledge 
this brilliant color twist.

How can I forget yellow?!
You make me glow and smile.
You are definitely my favorite,
And have been for a while.

But, wait! There's white!
You never seem to fade.
And when combined with bold, bright hues,
Beautiful pastels are made.

So you say that Libras can't decide
When asked to make a choice,
I've chosen here, my choices clear,
Every option has a voice.
Libras are fair diplomats
Whose scales are important tools.
Arguments become innocent debates
Because lovely Libras rule!!