its you that i want

Written by: JIM AGUNGA

it's you that i want,
i want nobody else
though your best-friend has lovely eyes
and adorable features,
her face is full of light,
her heart the softest
of all hearts,
her touch angelic,
her walk majestic
the look in her eyes,
like the Aurora Borealis.
but its you that i want.
it's you that i want
i want nobody else,
your sister maybe:
with her petal soft skin,
hair like Rapunzel's
always attach me to her,
her face like Cleopatra,
makes her the most adorable,
being i should be with,
but its you that i want.
it's you that i want
i don't want nobody else
i have many ladies on my list
those with big hips,
soft lips,
heavenly eyes,
petal touches,
but its you that i want,
being with you is like:
watching the Victoria falls,
walking with you is like,
scaling Mt. Everest,
knowing that you are mine is like
owning the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro
waking next to you is like
waking on the Great Barrier Reef
in your eyes i see
the northern lights
when you hold me
my heart imitates the Paricutin
and when they see us together is like
watching the Grand Canyon.
to me you are the 8th wonder of the world
hence its you that i want.. . .
. . .'s you that i want. . . .