am soft, petal soft

Written by: JIM AGUNGA

am soft, petal soft
no she is soft, cloud soft,
how do i know i am soft?
she asked,
you touch me well,
carress me well as always
and you mentioned it,
how do i knw you are soft,
i wanna touch you.
am soft, petal soft,
no she is soft,cloud soft.
your eyes are lovely she said,
no yours are heavenly i said,
how do i know she asked,
i watch the sunrise in them,
i replied.
how do u know, i asked,
i see my world in you she replied.
am soft, petal soft.
no she is soft cloud soft,
i love your lips she said,
no i love yours i said
why she asked,
coz they taste like strawberry i said,
why i asked,
i cant get enough of them she said.
am soft petal soft,
no she is soft cloud soft. . .
...... am Jim also Sadaat. . .