Written by: Jack Ellison

Have you heard the term “man of many hats”
Well you sure haven't heard this version!
When I wear a cowboy hat and saddle up
I'm Jesse James, what an amazing conversion!

At times I feel brave and put on a fireman's hat
The wee kiddies all wanna be my friend!
Tell them I was once knighted by the queen
Probably lying's not a good message to send!

The hard steel hat of a construction worker
Turns me into a this macho type man!
The only problem is, I'm scared silly of heights
And I make lots of trips to the can!

Once put on the hat of a big strong viking
Sure scared all the people around me!
Pulled out my sword to impress them all
Ended up cutting myself quite badly!

The ultimate though is when I wear a fedora
I look handsome and quite debonair!
Till I speak and I sound like a Donald Duck
My image needs a lot of repair!

Guess I'm most comfortable in my jester hat
Tried others but this fits me the best!
My goal is to put a smile on everyone's face
All my friends with whom I've been blessed!

©Jack Ellison 2012