Written by: Manoj Kumar

I watch you from a distance
As you slowly stir awake
Your skin glistening in the moonlight
With sweat, due to the love we made
That sultry smile beckoning me back into your arms
Where I could sleep like a child without any qualms

My skin touches yours, and it feels electrifying
Soft and firm at the same time, so mystifying
My hands explore your body and it is heaven for me
The silk beneath my fingers like an unsung melody

My lips caress yours and my breath you draw
My soul, long cold, now feels the spring thaw
My tongue moves over you and your moans I hear
Drawing me to your core, can I get any more near?

We make sweet love again, and collapse in ecstasy
Lying in each other’s arms and you gently caress me
Sailing through the sea of happiness, ever so endless
This for me is joy, unbounded and limitless