Beyond The Looking Glass

Written by: Camille Rose Castillo

Though I clearly see
Paralleling traits
Corresponding facets
Astonishingly quaint

This complex, albeit moving
Prominent connection
Holds a minute blemish
Worthy of reflection

Contrast, yes there’s one
A distinction can be drawn
For you’re rarely right
While I’m never wrong!

Allow me, if you will
Just one final venture
Aside the playful banter
This afterthought, don’t censure

 Of different roles, diverse tasks
On dispersed, divided paths
Thoughts are firmly fused
Beneath our layered masks

Yes, beyond the looking glass
Lies mystic, certain likeness 
Disengaged, detached
Yet baring sharp resemblance

A vision all-consuming
So strikingly familiar
Is seemingly my own
Essence fiercely mirrored

Copyright © 2012 Camille Rose Castillo