A Pagans Kiss, adult nature

Written by: Karen Deeks

I danced amongst the damp verde fern
As rare as the day this ***** was borne
My flesh did contrast 
My eyes stood wide
As i smiled upon Devons devine delicate form

I tinkered along the enticing stream 
Which guided my humble
Naked frame
She glistened and smiled 
Tinkered and whiled
Within full moon I lay unashamed

I tiptoed beneath her curtains of green
As I followed the sheep to shore
A cavern a cliff a viscous veracious
Biting sea
Oh beauteous
I could ne-er ignore

I knelt by her hoof as the sea bit my calves
As my tongue encircled her juice
The finest and sweetest of spring water
Mother Nature would dare to produce

It trickled it teased it willingly pleased
The palette upon my knife
Oh sacred Lady
Mother Nature
So unassuming
Im yours till the end of my life