women s silence awakened

Written by: louis rams


For centuries they had to walk behind the man
Because men thought that they could not understand
Politics or the power of glory
That to them was just a story.

But women from the start , always knew 
What was in their hearts.
In their hearts , and in the hearts of their men

They knew when to act like a lover
And when to be a friend.
When to keep quite and when to give an ear
Of this they had no fear.

They supported their men because of the 
Love they had inside, and of that
They did not deny.
But in their hearts they knew it had to be
A two way street.

That they must support each other in
All their endeavors and failures in life.
This is what they do as husband and wife.

The more that time passed the more that
Women s silence awakened
It was awakened to voice their opinions
Thoughts , and emotions
Of this it had to be spoken.

Now women have most of the rights of men
And into every field they will defend
They realize that now they can show
That whatever man conceives ,They will do - and do believe.
They may not get paid as much as men
But they will in the end.