Written by: Rebecca Berezin

Cant you see?
I hate the way you stare
I love the way you cant win with me
I'm never going to smile at you as if I care
Like I don't have my walls up

So walk away
You cant change my mind  
I'm not some starving stray
You think I don't see your smile and wink, but I'm not blind

All you will ever see
Is my fading back
As I walk away, I'm not some stray you can buy at a high fee
My hate towards you makes me want to crack
And prick you with my rosy thorns

So just leave me alone
I will never let you in
Just let me go home
I hate you as much as sin
No matter how many diamonds and books you give
I will just burn them all
And shatter and ignore your call
I know that there's a fall to your rise
I lie in your eyes
A fake in your cry
Your scream is just a guise

So get out!
Go somewhere else!
My loyalty doesn't lie with you
My smiles will never be true to you
I will not lose to your riches
I want a refund and a receipt so I can return your gift
With a two for one gift card complete with your *****es
I tore up all those dresses by the stitches
And wound them around your door
You will always know what this is for