Written by: Robert Ludden

The plane approaching Rio sights
The God-man on the mountain
in the sunlight-- that cold tremor
just between the shoulders strikes;
we see the arms borne up by love
and reaching to the traveler,
the city, and the earth.

Then from below, the pilgrims mount
the heights to see the features 
of the Cristo...first, the railway, 
then the stairs climb higher
in the quest--
anticipation, breath and blood
now pounding in their hearts--
there comes the turning at the parapet
to watch the mists brush by his face,
gauze curtains breaking to reveal
that intermittent, scowling
countenance of stone,
once emerging in austerity 
beneath the mallet,  now
beyond the shadow of Elijah's peak
is seen again, and lost, 
else one would need to look away--
before this stern, and re- transfigured God.

The city plays beneath his watch.
just as the drama of
an immanent, transcendent deity
erupts in silent declamation, then to part
in a reprise of his ascension 
in the cloud.