Lassie's Song

Written by: tristen temple

Joyfully chasing blue tail bunny rabbits through fields of dancing daisies....

Watercolour skies in lavender hues reflecting from, the marmalade moon

Mystical monarch butterflies brushed amid glittering orange and black

Gathering around Tinkerbell with her maroon magical wands silverish trails

Waving atop a cheerful cherry blossom as calling unto Lassie from across this

Motif meadows musical picturesque scene; autumns, cresendo dreams.... 

Crossing into evanescents evergreen pastel forest with its translucent trees 

Met by a school of sprites led by Peter Pan, smiling at his girl as he takes her

By her lovely hand; whispering words as chimes in love and majestics

Tangerine notes of meridians metaphorical, welcome home.... 


....“Lassie's Song” *