O Ruthless Fate

Written by: Irfana Ali Bhat

O Ruthless Fate
Why are you so partial??
Look at those small hands
Mopping the floor
Sweeping the corridor
Picking the garbage
Bearing all that burden
A small kid 
With a soiled face,
disheveled hair,
running nose
and a ragged exterior…
Only thing shining
are those eyes
Those striking ,gleaming eyes
Filled with dreams
Dreams of change of fate
Alas! We humans
have messed up our lives
Have no courage
to lend a helping hand
So, O my dear, dear fate
Do something for such kids
Or else, bestow us with courage
To stand up for once
To let these buds bloom
Into smiling flowers
With groomed interiors 
And exteriors 
Or else in no time
Will even these eyes 
lose their sheen…….