Halloween Night

Written by: cecil hickman

Here and now I warn you of Halloween night.
Those with heart trouble, stay from this fright.
Listen as I weave this tale of horror beyond.
Once upon a time was a lady that I was fond.
Her face was beyond, compare of any deity.
Her grace was sweet and kind with divinity.
Upon this one Halloween night she did falter.
She had no idea witches were at their alter.
They had seen the Halloween party from afar.
Seen they had by a crystal ball, below a star.
They were angry that so many were pretenders.
They cast a spell to deal with transformers.
Everyone that was in costume that night,
Became in reality, with a brilliant flash of light,
As my lady had dressed in a witch’s costume,
She became green, with ugliness to consume.
Curses flew from her lips, she was now real.
Others became monsters, spiders, realities feel.
It was pandemonium, as everyone changed.
So many went crazy with desire and deranged,
I, myself was not immune to the wretched curse.
I was transformed into something so much worse.
I am now and will forever be my ladies evil side.
A witch’s life partner, a cat, upon her broom we ride.
Now we ride just not on Halloween night per say.
We, everyone else transformed upon full moon we stay.
Forever and beyond our fate has been sealed you see.
So be careful of what you dress up on Halloween to be.

Date Written 09/09/2012