Shock Therapy

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Some claim you played to the gods on that night
Some older folk warned you were devils
I know that you played with immortal might
(My Sony's at Richter-Scale level)

What a monster, primal and primitive sound!
My chair ain't electro-shock proof
Vibrating the floor and shaking the ground
and blowing my brains through the roof

Strutting and sneering, it's bad-boy St. Mick,
mocking and shocking tradition
Keith's chugging cords and earth-quaking licks
bludgeon me into submission

Those Liverpool lads are far too polite
Your music MURDERS my troubles
'Penny Lane'? Uh-uh! You wanna' pick FIGHTS!
and BLAST those bad-blues into rubble...

***'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!'...The Rolling Stones Live at Madison Square Garden...November - 1969...Yes, 1969 and to this day no band has been able to match that sound