Elvis Sings The Blues

Written by: norman littleford

A fictitious story of Elvis
so none of this is true,
made up from the titles of songs "
that made him the Elvis we knew

At first I thought "I Was The One"
then she left me at "Heartbreak Hotel",
believe me I was "All Shook Up"
and not feeling very well.

But since "My Baby Left Me"
and my "Hound Dog" ran away,
I still had to "Follow That Dream",
But I just didn't know the way.

So "One Night" I took the "Mystery Train"
heading for "The Promised Land",
to see "The Girl Of My Best Friend"
in the hope she would understand.

Although she's a "Hard Headed Woman"
she is "Always On My Mind",
but she doesn't always "Treat Me Nice"
sometimes she can be unkind.

I've still "Got A Lot Of Living To Do"
so I'll put on my "Blue Suede Shoes",
then go looking for "Long Tall Sally"
and try losing this "Mess Of Blues".