Video games unplayed

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Video Games Unplayed

I  never tried it
Poring , as I was, over flagged files
Or  playing doggedly with winsome  words
I have never tried it
But it makes me  recall some from my  friendly words:
Armchair acrobatics, fear-free feats
Obsession, absurdity..and finally and unavoidably
Like in my case, unfamiliar as I was,
 when I briefly hawked video wares
Soliciting custom for my employer,
Hard to believe.. funny,  too.
Fickle software hearts
Hearty tickle art
For me ,blindfoldedly , scrabbling for nuts
With  nutheads  in unearthly pots
Drifting away as I am
Taking detours in milky ways
Counting problem pebbles on the sodden shores
Or rotting away as one in the sardines stacked
In trucks speeding away to  mean markets,
All this is nothing that is video games
Mine are tedious games,  if anything
Many are game though
Video games or pseudonyms or paedophiles
And ask what next?..

S.Jagathsimhan Nair