Young And Old

Written by: Rebecca Berezin

I'm a little young
And I guess you're a bit old
But when I first saw you
I knew I had a hold
On some answers that you've been looking for

I'm a little young, but I revel in it
You have the answers to all my questions
I have the questions to all your answers

I have a little trouble with keeping myself out of sight
I have a glow, and when I smile at you, I am full of light
I light up with happiness, it is plain to see
And I know, that you may be bad for me
But I know I may be good for you

You thought you were lost
I know what it's like
You think happiness comes at a cost
You hold your diary and read the past
I hold my book, and read what I am not
And I know that you are struggling too make this evening last
And you know that my light can get hot

I gave you a shard of light
You gave me some insight

What's your name? you ask me
I give you my identity
You give me yours
And we start to talk through the sunlight's glare
And it just goes from there

I guess I'm young
But I know what it's like to be old
And I guess you're old
But you know what it's like to be young