Metaphorically Speaking

Written by: Joy Wellington

This is the story of who I am
I give all I can and then some.
I, a bee, will sting if you wrong
If nice, an help mate I will be.

Many are the roads to one’s heart
The main road, truthfulness, is a very good start."
You will get caught if you fool around 
You are unfaithful you're out the door.

They say Tom's drunk but Tom’s no fool
I don’t drink no more so I am super wise
I, the carpenter’s tool you use 
despise liars, and heart users I hate.

I am me…super special me
A carbon copy I am not
So here I am, a pure clean heart,
True love to give, only to him that’s worthy.

Written on Sept. 8 2012
For Catie's Contest: Metaphorically Speaking