The Mighty Eye in a Brief Eclipse of Time - Part 2

Written by: Terry O'Leary

 Continued from Part 1

The trees, they hung in time and space behind me –
trees ... which in time before had swayed,
gently tugged by ocean breezes,
trees ... which in time before were lightly lit
with emerald leaves,
trees ... which in time before had reached to space above
with leafy fingers,
grasping fingers,
clutching fingers,
fingers drenched with golden tears
shed by the Mighty Eye

The trees, they hung in time and space,
frozen motionless behind me,
- chilled with rooted premonitions of the void -
their fingers clutching darkness
and their leaves foreboding doom

The muted winds began to whisper tales
of many frightened things,
which, with mournful apprehension,
had ceased their joyful play

And all the while dank shadows gaily danced
a dismal dance,
for their time was soon to come

The fitful shore was suddenly still

Unfeeling stones and hollow shells,
were paused a little, 
and dropped haphazardly,
midst mindless random journey,
and abandoned by the sea

For fickle waves had slipped away to greet a falling prey

And as the Mighty Eye drooped lower,
laminated molten lips
pursed and puckered higher,
sucking in the sky

Within a trice the Mighty Eye
was swollen red,
perhaps tormented by the thoughts of premature demise,
or being lashed beneath a lid of distant faithless waves

And as a dying flash dissolved,
two lurid lips arose, 
three lusty lips ...
a thousand parted limpid lips which, quickly,
though with little haste,
consumed the Mighty Eye

The trees were then but lurking shades
amongst the murky shadows

Relentless fog seeped slowly by,
her floating tongues dripped silence as she passed

The lacerated savage lips had once again returned 
to kiss
the vacant vapid shores...

in a brief eclipse of time