Lost Loved Ones

Written by: Joyce Johnson

Dear Lord, I know you'd never give to me
More grief than I can tolerate, that's true.
But Lord, I also know without a doubt
I could not bear the sorrow without you.

Just as I think the world too dark and drear
To hold the grief I feel, the sun comes out.
My soul is cleansed, I feel your presence near,
And my whole being does a turn-about.

Once more the sky is blue, the clouds are gone
And I pick up the pieces of my heart.
Though kith and kin are leaving one by one,
I still have You, who've been here from the start.

With you beside me Lord, the world has joy
And there has been more  happiness than pain.
Your promise is enough to see me through
With knowledge that I'll see them once again

By: Joyce