The Doggie With No Pedigree

Written by: Joyce Johnson

My true love brought him home to me,
This doggie with no pedigree.
His ears are long, his legs are short.
His dragging middle needs support.
His trusting eyes looked into mine 
And I fell hard for this canine.
"He'll need a license, shots and such
But they shouldn't cost you very much."
I realized the reason he,
Had brought this little dog to me,
The doggie with no pedigree,
My true love wanted to be free.
His own dog he'd brought and he
Was shifting responsibility
For Jim by giving him to me.
"Good riddance", I said,"And fair trade too.
I'd rather have this dog than you."
I said these words, for now I knew,
That my true love was never true.
If he comes back another day,
I'll surely send him on his way.
But even should he plead for him
He can't have little doggie, Jim.
At last I've found a love that's true,
So I'm keeping him, now wouldn't you?

By; Joyce Johnson