When I Think of You

Written by: jack horne

When I think of you, I always smile,
Recalling all the things you say.
Your sunny outlook ever positive,
As being grim is not your way.

Your heartfelt poems make me pause to think,
You’re such a vital part of Soup,
I love your sentiments, expressed so well,
And what you offer to this group.

You have a kindly word and smile for all,
And are a sweetheart through and through,
You are a loyal friend and confidante -
Thanks for the fun and laughter, too.

 When I think of you, I am inspired,
By your brilliant words of comedy,
And yet, you are sincere and genuine,
My special friend within Soup tapestry.

Jack, you are a cheery chap who lives afar,
Yet we are close as two peas in a pod,
When I am in distress, you're always there.
With gracious words to captivate a nod.

I love the way you entertain my thoughts,
The way you sense our need to write and share,
Though oceans separate we gather close,
Thankxxx for those lovely cards which show you care.

For Andrea's Linda-Marie Tribute contest

*Originally For Tracie's When I Think of You Contest...
Written by: Jack Horne & Linda-Marie "Sweetheart" P.S.