Je Te Veux

Written by: jim joyce

Summer skies of shadowed veil 
Leave soft evening cries as twilight pales
Flirting eyes and open looks give sweet spoken ties
Random smiles tell of well placed replies
Yes , hold my hand it softly caresses 
Come closer it says as it softly traces
Je t’aime , feel my warm embraces
Replacing caution held in refrain 
Yearning looks spark the flame

Though we come ten thousand miles 
The journey begins with one smile 
Our garden calls and we dance and play
The roses and  palms sing their song 
We dance and play , for we do no wrong
We glance and smile 
Suddenly still, our hearts beat as one 
Quickened pulses stir the embers
The looks of joy replaced,
 remembering the night while swiftly retracing
 our pattern of desire fanned so brightly
We  close together in delight saying
 Je Te Veux , I want you