The Russian English russian

Written by: jim joyce

I am pure Russian and I am the bear
I have  deep dark eyes and black , black hair
Russian girls are very pretty and very exciting bare
Straight and tall  with  features very fair
They  are smart and have lots of brains  
And apply themselves to learning even if it rains
English is one of our favorite subjects 
And it is very hard to explain 
Why we want to learn a second language that sometimes is lame
Which at the end of our most severe weather we can barely retain
 It is winter now and my English is kind of sad
So I sit and study all night long ,
 but after all its only a fad
 For when summer comes I will be long, long  gone
I try and try but it is so hard,
 I can not seem to learn contractions 
And sometimes I feel like I  a retard,
 So I make a list of all my retractions
 Grammar is always difficult and I am always correcting my mistakes 
 But I love hearing English with all its corny cliques , 
and lots of people saying ,for  goodness sakes 
Thank goodness for this silly poem 
Thank goodness this is the end
Thank goodness I will have no more use for this pen