Have I failed you

Written by: Roxanna Ressler

Time and distance test the vulnerability of one's heart.
Can it be stolen, will it yearn for someone elsewhere?
Or will it slowly beat on without a care? 

Memories of the times you've shared
impede through your thoughts as you lay in the dark
Will you be hurt by them? Do they cut you, leave a mark?
Or do they leave you with a smile and an absence at the same time.

Do you walk with confidence and peace of mind
Or do you sit and worry about what they will find?
Someone better, someone diffrent with those traits you wish weren't your flaws?
Do you take a deep breath; pause?
Or do you panic and cry at night hoping to discover the light...

When you pick yourself up and dust the impurities from your thoughts, you just may find that the things you worry so much about are the things they love.
The things they place you on a pedestal for.. You can rise above..