Written by: Tshegofatso Seabe

Sometimes life is unfair
We are stuck with what happens to us
Our heart and mind captures our worst and best moments
and all this they call memory
Why the hell it was created is beyond me
but how it can be ended is on my agenda
Sometimes i sit and think
When will all this end?
I have had in my mind what memory is
and decided its the synthesis to history repetition
When will all this end
Bitter-sweet memories leading to an everlasting series of heart storm
Same scenario, different characters
I seem to play the lead role in this absurd movie
My naive ways are to blame
My fickleness a trigger to this insanity
Feelings that need clarity to be expressed
Fear of the unknown to be exact
Leaving all that is ablaze to burn inside
Yet it seems I am consumed outside-in
but fate proves to be a louche I cannot shake off
So as I am suffering in this absurdity
Unlike before I am ready to crash for I have yet again suffered the fall