Written by: Gale Greenwood

I want to be in love
	with the sprinkling of fresh morning dew,
	with billowing clouds over tall trees,
	with rolling hills of velvet green grass,
	with you under the sunshine of sweet honeydew.

I want to feel alive
	like the birds singing under blue skies,
	like bells chiming from steeples up high,
	like honey bees flying over fields of purple clover,
	like the taste of your breath after a deep sigh.

I want to imagine a world
	of painted sunsets that last forever,
	of sour grapes turned sweet on the vine,
	of floral gardens to fill the senses,
	of a million you’s to share life’s flavor.

I want to create an image
	found in children’s laughter under the sun’s grin,
	found with fireflies that ease the dark night,
	found inside deep wells of lavender and rose petal smells,
	found under the full moon’s nectar of your divine sin.