By One and All

Written by: Daniel Larson

Was in chapter seventeen
     that they told us of his loss;
Of all his old transgressions
     and the sacrificial cost;
Of the wives that had left him
     in the middle of the night
When love was tossed out the door
     without putting up a fight.
They told them of his passing
     through the hands that would not save,
And stuck his fading picture
     on the cross that marked his grave.

The towns folk stood in silence,
     not believing that they're free,
Each had hoped to be the one
     that had strung him to the tree.
Rains were falling long and hard
     in the midst of winter's chill,
Yet every man and dog
     made that long march up the hill.
No one had come for mourning
     or the words the priest had said,
Ev'ry single one had come
     just to make sure he was dead!