this heart of mine

Written by: louis rams

( 9/7/12 )

If you see my heart laying on the ground
Would you pick it up, and then put it down?

Or would you hold it softly like a butterfly
In your hand, and would you caress 
it gently and say you understand.

Would you feel the beat that gently pounds away
Or would you just leave it for someone else
Who may come this way.

Would you look at the heart to see if it’s
Been damaged or hurt
Or would you love it and give it a brand new birth.

It may only be a heart, but it’s the blood
That flows thru its veins and gives it life.

And this may be the heart of your
Husband or your wife.

Pick up my heart and hold it to the light
For GOD  had given me this
As the ultimate sacrifice.

He gave it to us all, just so that
We could see - that he is always
There protecting this part of you and me.

My heart is not just to give life
But to show life, and all of its beauties
That it can create
So treat it gently before it’s much too late.

© L . RAMS