Summer Fun

Written by: Lee Ramage

Halcyon Shore Lodge, the highlight of each year, Staying in a cottage by pristine water so very clear. Dad fished, Mom read, I made many a new friend, Had so much fun, didn’t want the summer to end. Delivered newspapers on a jeep around the park, The driver was the owner’s son, I felt a little spark. He was sixteen, so good looking, oh it must be love, We’d sit and talk, watching the shooting stars above. Around a campfire we built, I sipped at my first beer, We’d dive off of the steep rock cliffs, I knew no fear. Taught me how to drive a car on a back gravel road, "Bridge over Troubled Water" was our own silent code. We talked about school and what we wanted to be, Our hopes for the future, our dreams we could see. It was good clean fun and the best times of my life, Truth is my dreams failed, I didn’t become his wife.
Written September 7, 2012 For Craig Cornish's contest Summer Fun