the joining

Written by: louis rams


Three different women - three different cases
All gave birth to satin and laces.
One black, one oriental, one white
What they had in common was they all
Gave birth the same night.

The BLACK child was six pounds  three
Brown eyes and as beautiful as can be.
The ORIENTAL  child was five pounds nine
Jet black hair and looking fine.
The WHITE child was eight pounds three
Blue eyes, blond hair, skin fair.

All confined to the same ward and about five feet apart
All loving mothers with the kindest of hearts.
They all talked for hours on end
And made a pact that they would remain friends.

To their surprise they all lived close by.
Every weekend their families would get together
And it seemed that life couldn’t get better.
And every year on the girls birthday
They’d get together to celebrate.

NOW ! The point that I want you to see
Is if they could do it, WHY can’t we?

Why can’t all nations put aside their bigotry and hate
And join together to celebrate , just what GOD has given
And make this life on earth worth living.