My Quiet Place to Ponder

Written by: Lee Ramage

Barn lights brighten the early morn, Signaling the start of my day, Mornings of madness followed by serene views of a meandering river where carp jump and blue herons fish. Majestic ash line the river’s edge, Birds flit from my porch to trees, Grabbing food from the feeders. Leaves curl warning a storm is imminent Take shelter, a rainy day to ponder.
************************************** Silent mornings when all at work, My dog sits at my side, Calm soothes my soul, my mind awakes, Poet cannot be denied. Chair by the window with laptop, Looking at the river, Words, ideas float in my mind, Masterpiece- I shiver.
Written September 7, 2012 For Sara Kendrick’s contest “My Quiet Place”