Stay Away From The Chuck

Written by: Dan Kearley

I will no longer be trying to cook a hearty Chuck roast For it usually ends up dry,and about as dry as burnt toast I tried so many ways to cook this hunk of meat Though in the end the results,are definitely no treat That cut of meat to me doesn't seem to be the best For it never turns out,quite as good as the rest I know how to cook them,steady,slow,and low And to use a slowcooker is the best way to go If your going to make a roast,use a rump,a round,or a sirloin tip Stay away from those Chuck roasts,and it will surely be a hit I guess their is no one to blame for these mishaps you see For I was the only one cooking them,Chef Danny,that's me
Dannyboy:9-7-12 :oP