Fathom me

Written by: Innocent Raphael

I know there will be sleeping 
enough in the grave
Yet when i fast, i got hungry and 
sometimes rave
Knowing fully well that the fast is 
not going to last. 
I see the cloud becoming thick, 
dark and brownish 
It rains, i expect the pains to 
I have power, but i don't have 
I couldn't stay an hour in the 
mansion, I like it here in the tent.
It taste like sweet in my mouth 
when i ate the mango
But in my stomach it stood on 
one leg like flamingo
The flowers are beautiful as 
confirmed by the eyes
But who deserves the most 
credit? Is it the flowers, for being 
beautiful or the eyes for seeing it 
beauty lie.
Before you see my trouble
Try and see my struggle