Sorrow is thicker than hate

Written by: Tessa Heyart

Incontrollable rage
The fury cannot be measured 
on a gage
But with hate brings sorrow
Do I want another tomorrow?
Will those left even miss me
What I left no one will see
I lay down on the bed
The trigger right against my 
My goodbye letters to my right
One twitch of my finger and my 
soul takes flight
I have no more anger,no more 
No longer on life's cage
I'm sorry for any pain I cause 
And I was a failure for all my 
When you see me do not cry
Just hold my head,sing a sweet 
I do not want to be alone
My true feelings finally shown
I know this makes me weak
My future beyond will not be 
All that's left is to say I love 
And with that my soul soared 
and flew