Summer Fun

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

I dreamt last night of innocent days gone by under the watchful eye of a summer sun. My imagination was all I relied to chase away boredom, to frolic in fun. Hide-and-seek whispers and little girls' laughter, no responsibilities to look after, a visit to grandma's, a ride on a plane, my bubblng excitement, I could not contain. I dreamt last night of summer days at the lake under the watchful eye of my proud grandma. In cool, cedar waters, new friends I would make, our bronzed limbs splashing until August's withdraw, and high like a hill waiting to climb, a slide towering o'er heads and smooth waters. To glide down in wet bathing suits was a speedy thrill. Like our summer secrets, happily we'd spill. written September 6, 2012