Udacha - to luck

Written by: jim joyce

Like the  gentle oak she stands strong  and slender, straight and sleek 
she will not bend nor break nor is she meek
Magnificent , mysterious ,wild and free 
because her fruit falls close , her offspring stands pretty as she 
 Softly glowing eyes ablaze in a fire of blue, 
Piercing ,teasing ,hypnotic and alluring 
A haunting beauty ,She stands tall in starry fields of lonely winter nights
While The pale moon sets against a velvet carpet of purple and white
Brown hair setting aflame the golden dawn of the oak after the long night 
She calls and I listen , all I need is a little luck and I will find 
Lost  amidst all the Russian passion and beauty ,a diamond among the rough 
For any man to find such a friend is more than enough